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Are you thinking of buying a NEW MACHINE?


to avoid mistakes before buying a MACHINING CENTER.

Why has the choice of the correct machine

become so diffcult today?

If you use Machining Centers, you know that making the right choice and a good investment in this industry is becoming more COMPLICATED.

The risk of WASTING a lot of MONEY due to miscalculations and wrong choices is more likely!

The truth is that, now more than ever, the world of production is changing at the SPEED OF LIGHT.

Relying on old machines, old technologies and old methods of production is too dangerous and no longer enough to be competitive on the market.

Before starting your research
to choose one of the typical Machining Centers (not very efficient by today's standards)
it is extremely important to know which are

the ESSENTIAL STEPS to choose the proper machine for your

production department

without the risk of making a bad investment and WASTING a lot of MONEY!

GET THE REPORT in which I explain the 5 very important steps

for anyone who is considering a Machining Center for metalworking.

Here are some things you will find out by downloading the Report

Which are the typical reasoning that can lead you to make a bad investment

Which are the formulas and the input/output data that define the piece cost

The 5 evaluation techniques you need to know before buying a new machine

What customers say about the METHOD

Vincenzo Crocco - Production Manager

We had complex machining operations which required several processing steps on our transfer machines, including long and complicated setups.
Furthermore, at a qualitative level, it was not always possible to obtain the best result, especially considering the risk of performing manual deburring operations.

Thanks to the Porta Production Method, it is possible to combine processing operations and this allows us to work on even very complex pieces in a single clamping, with simpler and faster setups, even eliminating any subsequent deburring problem.

Again, thanks to the Porta Production Method, we have considerably reduced the lead-time of items that were previously processed on transfer machines in several operations, even though sometimes its cycle time may be higher.

However, this problem can be solved by having the parts immediately available and thanks to the fastest setup times.

Furthermore, the quality of pieces produced applying this Method, is significantly improved, eliminating deburring issues and quality control issues."

Mr. Arno Drechsel - Owner

We had a horizontal machining center and we were unable to deal with the work load due to high volumes but relatively small lots, so, in order to solve this problem, we should have purchased two additional machining centers, which also meant hiring more personnel to operate the machines.

Then we discovered the Porta Production Method!

We were able to move all the milling operations to one machine, since the processing time per piece had been reduced. 

The main advantage was that, with the same number of operators, we managed to deal with the work load without hiring other technicians.

Once a piece is tooled the first time, the following set ups are quick and easy to be processed."

Fabio Nicoli - Plant Manager

Our production includes a significant number of different items and lots ranging from a few to tens of thousands of parts.

For production we mainly used machining centers for small/medium lots and transfer machines for large lots.

These choices were not enough to adequately cover our wide range of needs and, especially in mid-range series, the results were not satisfactory.

Thanks to the Porta Production Method and the 3-spindle Machining Center, we have improved our production, increasing productivity, reducing setup times and guaranteeing the flexibility we need.

After the initial experience, we quickly installed another 3-spindle Machining Center."

Eng. Marco Stradiotti - Production Manager

I had cycle time problems due to downtime in tool changes and loading parts.

In order to have all machining processed on the piece, I had to tool different machines.
Now, thanks to this Method of production, I load the piece on the free pallet, while the units are processing.

The positive results are a considerable reduction of setup and production times as well as precision."

GET THE REPORT in which I explain the 5 very important steps

for anyone who is considering a Machining Center for metalworking

Giuseppe Suranna - Toolmaker / Machine Operator

The problems we had before were long setup and cycle times that didn't allow rapid changeover.

We tried to machine as much parts as possible, increasing inventories (a high cost for the company).

Now we got more precision, reduction of setup and cycle times, flexibility in product change. This allows us to keep up with our customers’ requests."

Dr. Alexander Ostertag - Owner and CEO

We cut down on scrap and we reduced our production costs thanks to the speed of re-tooling.

Moreover, we achieved positive results, improving the quality of our finished pieces and increasing productivity.

Today, we can offer our customers faster deliveries with more competitive prices!"

Giuliano Pintossi - Production Manager

Before I had to machine the part in different clampings with the following problems:

  • Dents
  • Critical thickness accuracies
  • Burr problems

Thanks to the Porta Production Method we had the chance to optimize the cycle in order to solve quality and cycle time problems.

In addition, now we can tool from one part to another in 15 minutes thanks to the great availability of ever-present tools in stock. In fact the changeover consists only of clamp change."

Ferruccio Tognella - Owner and Technical Director

It was impossible for us to machine the six sides of a piece, also with a few sloped holes, at the same time.

Now, we can machine the six sides using standard tools.

Thanks to the Porta Production Method I solved problems with the machining of some kind of pieces, with execution times that finally allow me to speak about 'Productivity'."

GET THE REPORT in which I explain the 5 very important steps

for anyone who is considering a Machining Center for metalworking

Who I am?

Hi! I am Maurizio Porta,
CEO of Porta Solutions and trainer at Porta Production School, where I explain competitive methods of production within the world of the users of Machining Centers.

 After more than 25 years of experience in this field, I developed and “designed” my Method, the PORTA Production Method, in order to help production companies that use Machining Centers for metalworking, to reduce waste, increase profit and become more competitive.